Monday, December 30, 2013

Adventure Racing - Your next step towards a lifestyle with rewards - Fitness, Health & Positive Well Being

Happy bunch of Adventure Racers!

In order to be happy healthy and able to function well in society we all need to have a sense of positive well-being.  When we participate in adventure racing we develop social, emotional, intellectual, and physical skills which assist us and help us cope with all that our modern ever changing world throws at us.

Lifestyle with rewards 
Social:- We mix with people who love the outdoors, the environment and have a passion for maintain a healthy active lifestyle, in a natural environment. We learn the importance of team work, and how team dynamics, teamwork, and communication plays an important role in achieving goals.

Paddling is a very social outdoor activity

Emotional:- In training and races we test ourselves and  as a team we go through highs and lows and learn how we cope and be resilient in these situations. More importantly we learn how to work together to help and support each other and how we can to lift each other up high when we are down.

Towing a team mate on the bike
Intellectual:- In training and racing we develop skills in navigation, planning, strategy, decision making, and we use these skills to get ourselves through courses in challenging situations. Through reading and analysing maps, map data, course notes and instructions we are always critically analysing and thinking. Following an event we find ourselves evaluating performance, comparing and contrasting, routes, strategy and decisions keeping our brains active.

Navigation planning and strategy
Physical:- We get to develop physical skills in the outdoors where we can breathe in fresh air and get the opportunity to visit some of the most spectacular places that mother nature has created on this earth, in our local area and throughout Australia and the world. Through the basic skills of trekking/mountain biking and paddling and the associated training the 11 components of fitness for health and sport can be trained and maintained.

Learning new physical skills in the outdoors
So when someone asks you ……What is the point of adventure racing? – or Why do you love adventure racing? or Why should our company put a team in an adventure race? Well you have some pretty good reasons right here!

Unexpected challenge
For me personally:- I just love the variety that nature provides, the sense of satisfaction and achievement you get through racing as a team as opposed to solo, and I believe that the challenges that I have faced and overcome have helped me in all aspects of my life. 

So if you are looking for a healthier happier lifestyle with less stress and more leisure, or if you are searching for a new set of goals or challenges for 2014, why not consider entering an adventure race. Tri Adventure will be conducting an Adventure Racing Skills Clinic early in the new year, as well as regular sessions with our Tri Adventure group, to help you prepare for your next adventure......maybe we will see you out there!

Kim Beckinsale – Tri Adventure Coach 
30 December 2013