Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Latest News - July

Aunty Jan at CP 83
July began with the Aunties taking a win in the Cyclegaine at Mapleton....I must admit, we were on familiar ground as we had ridden this forest many times.....not that we knew where the check-points were, but it did help knowing the trails :)  We had a lovely day out in the beautiful hinterland!

Next was the Wild Women Adventure Race....  With a strict field limit of 100, 90 women had nominated for the event....90 women....this was brilliant!  We had been trying to get a race like this off the ground for over a year....and to get 90 women out into the bush was absolutely awesome!  Many women went right out of their comfort zone in this event....we even had the CEO of Triathlon Australia, Ann Gripper, competing.... Dare You Adventure did a fantastic job of staging the event and the sponsors who came on board (besides us) were fantastic.... Tri Adventure Vintage won the day (to our absolute amazement...) but everyone came away winners.....and next year we hope this event will be bigger and better....and hopefully will attract some younger and fitter female athletes from further afield to knock us old vintage girls off our perch... :)

After this we stepped up our training for the fast approaching Anaconda Noosa.... We ran a women's only skills clinic and facilitated the official course familiarisation day with Rapid Ascent general manager Sam Maffet.... Some pics of the course....
Top of the run course...we went up with our bikes!
Harriet on the single track

Not part of the Anaconda course...but a lovely ride we do up here!
With less than 2 weeks until the inaugural Noosa Anaconda, it's time to get your entries in. Be part of the very first event... Register here now....

 So...that was July... It's finally stopped raining up here, the trails are drying up, the sky is blue, the water is crystal clear.... Come and join us for some adventures in paradise!

:) Jan & Kim