Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 - The Year in Retrospect....

It's been another amazing year here at Tri Adventure!  Here's a month-by-month look at how it all unfolded.

Tuesday Twilight run view!

We kick-started the year with a Mtb ride out in the Pt Glorious area.....and the beautiful canyon trek in the Kiamba.  On Australia Day we had another great adventure on and around the Maroochy River - Paddle, Mtb, Trek, Navigate...
The canyon trek

Starting with an AR clinic, February was going to be a busy month.  A twin-peaks adventure followed, then the Upside Down rogaine (starting at mid-night) .  The next weekend we rode out along the Western Ridge of the Kin Kin valley and took a climb up Mt Boulder.

The Mini-Rogue (6 hours, so not really 'mini') was first up.  Lots of Tri Adventure teams there.  Gina & I had our first win together :)  Then the races were coming thick and fast - The Kick-off, Kathmandu, and the 6 hour rogaine....It was a very busy month of racing!

Kim and MDs went off to compete in the Wenzhou Outdoor Quest in China then we all raced at the Rogue 24hr adventuregaine.....It was an awesome event put on by Liam St Pierre.

Once again races on nearly every weekend.  The Step-up brought back some of the old AR disciplines like 'ride and tie'.....and rally was a brilliant event put on bike Gary at Ridegline! The 8 hour rogaine in Gatton was in there somewhere as well...

June is Geoquest month.....and it was another great event staged at the beautiful Crescent Head.  MDs placed 4th overall with some hot competition from local and international teams. The Cowgirls were on fire and we had such a great crew as well....
Cowgirls coming into South-West Rocks

The 3rd edition of Wild Women AR......and it was a lovley day out.  Kim & Gina won the day....and everyone went home with a prize and a smile :)  We Aunties also took a 2 week break for adventure up in the Whitsundays :)  Oh....and Kim managed to win Pomona King of the Mountain for the fourth time.....Woo-hooooo!
Our little home for 2 days on South Molle Island

The annual Cyclgaine was in the Glasshouse Mountains.  It was the wettest day I can remember.  We rode for 6 hours in the pouring rain.....if it wasn't for event we would have spent all day indoors I'm sure.  Great day out and great results for Tri Adventure! We also made the trip to the Straddie Salute, an off-road triathlon on Nth Stradbroke Island.  It was another fantastic weekend.....and Kim brought home the whale trophy!
We have this in our house for a year!
Hells Bells lived up to it's name......and we all enjoyed this challenging event put on by Sloshy and Gary.  Kim & Leo came home with the win....out-racing some slick all-male teams from interstate! We also went out to the Epic after a 10 year hiatus.....and had an awesome weekend camping, riding and trail running :)
Girls run podium at the Epic...Shan's first medal!

We staged the inaugural Hairy Mary - Qld's first all-female Mtb event.  70 excited women lined up for 3 hours of exciting riding on the Victory Heights trails.  It was a huge success thanks to Venture Cycles and the Cooloola Trail Care Alliance
Sister Mary & Hairy Mary

We zipped across the ditch to NZ and raced the Kawerau King of the Mountain.  Kim placed 2nd to a younger, faster Kiwi girl......we all had a lovely time hosted by the country people of Kawerau.

Road trip to Victoria for Lorne Adventurefest and X-Marathon.  Also a sideline up to Mt Buller to ride the new Alpine Epic Trail.  It was a lovely few weeks racing, hiking, riding and adventuring!  We finished off the year just how we started it....with an amazing Mtb/Trek in the Point Glorious area.  A lovely day out with 12 of our Tri Adventure friends :)
Erskine Falls track - Lorne

So.....that's it in a nutshell.  I am a bit tired just reading about what we have accomplished in 2014....but glad we managed to fit in so many exciting adventures. Let's hope 2015 brings more of the same :)