Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Latest News - June/July

We've had a busy couple of months training and racing.... Here's a recap...

Aunty Jan riding with the big boys!
Aunty Kim was invited to attend this fantastic event in the exciting area of Rotorua (world-renowned Mtb fun-park...) It was the Australasian Multisport Championships consisting of an 8km flat water paddle, 30km super-fun Mtb and 12km trail run.  A strong Aussie contingent made the event really fun and socal (always a factor for us..) and we also enjoyed the company of our Kiwi compatriates as well.

The race panned out really well for us - with the initial pre-race drama out of the way (Kim's hired boat arrived without a rudder....!) and we thoroughly enjoyed the paddle in the pristine Lake Okareka; really, really enjoyed the 30k Mtb ride through the Redwood forest; and really enjoyed the 2-lap 12km run on wonderfully soft forest floor amongst the Redwoods and other beautiful Kiwi flora..... 

Aunty Kim finished 5th overall female (and that was in the prize money..) and I was crowned Australasian Multisport Champion in the F 50+ agegroup....and there was actually someone else in it!  We enjoyed the rest of the trip riding in the amazing forest then relaxing fireside at the hotel and sampling delicious pickings at Zippy Central - our fave cafe in town.... 

Next year we hope to take a Tri Adventure group over to this event - it has a half event as well so is achievable to all....and the riding before/after on those awesome trails is sure to make for happy, happy people.... :)

Having missed this iconic event last year due to a clash with Race Vanuatu, we were all keen to race well and enjoy the experience.....however, the whole thing panned out a little differently.....and it was really our Tri Adventure Apprentices who had the race they hoped for.... The Cowgirls and Team MD's were not so lucky.... Here's a link to The Apprentices story http://www.geoquest.com.au/race11/GeoQuest_2011_Triadventureapprentices.pdf
and here's one to the Cowgirls experience http://www.geoquest.com.au/race11/geoquest_2011_report3.htm
and here's the one from Aunty Kim recapping Team Mountain Designs misfortune http://www.geoquest.com.au/race11/Geoquest_2011_teammountaindesigns.pdf
...some fun (?) and games were had as you can see.... Despite our disasters this year we will continue to support this fantastic event and we feel for Craig and Louise when nature decides to put a real spanner in the works of something that took many, many hours of hard work to plan and implement.....
Here some pics of a recent day out in our most beautiful hinterland - our winter here has been cold but mostly fine - so these sort of days are just amazing - as you can see.... :)

on the saddle going towards Mt Pinbarren

Howie, Mel & Kim explore the caves on Mt Cooran
WHAT'S COMING UP? So....we're back to business now with lots of events in the pipeline for the rest of the year.... The Tri Adventure Apprentices have secured a spot to race in XPD the Adventure Racing World Championships this year being held in Tasmania.  Aunty Kim and Team Mountain Designs will be there and most of our AR buddies as well.  Aunty Jan will be on-board as a volunteer and we are really looking forward to this very special event......
See you out there!
Jan & Kim