Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adventure Race Australia - May 2011 - Noosa

Sabina & Aunty Jan at the finish
Tri Adventure had 6 teams entered in the Qld edition of the Mountain Designs Adventure Race Australia, held on May 8th in the Noosa hinterland. The 7 hour ‘Hard-Core’ event consisted of a ‘Surprise Foot Leg’ which involved finding 3 check-points (CP’s) around the expanse of the Teen Mission Camp property on McKinnon drive, before heading off on a long trek which took competitors through the Tewantin National Park, over the back of Mt Tinbeerwah, collecting 6 CP’s in the bush before returning to HQ. Leg 3 was a mountain-bike ride up into the National Park, once again, with a crucial CP at a high-point on the way. Next was a descent down through some very thick bush, some creek crossings….carrying bikes….and on to Lake MacDonald for the paddle leg. Collecting 4 CP’s at various land points around the lake gave their legs a rest…..but they were back on the bikes soon enough for some more riding…. Picking off the 4 CP’s on the way to the TA at Ringtail State Forest teams were taking lots of different routes….and most found their way eventually. Leaving the bikes and heading out on foot, they had to find 5 hidden CP’s before returning back to their waiting bikes. Then it was just a ride back to HQ, for the last leg which was an obstacle course to complete the event……with lots of fun and laughter as they  made our way though tunnels, tyres and a rope swing over a muddy waterhole to the finish…..
Team MD's & Phoenix Adventure share the podium

Aunty Kim, racing in Team Mountain Designs with Gary Sutherland took out the Hard-Core event well and truly clear of their closest rivals….local knowledge had some advantage here….however, that doesn’t work all the time! Aunty Jan, racing with local masseuse Sabina Allemann, had a great time and took out the all-female category ahead of some stiff opposition…and Tri Adventure all-male team of Paddy Meldrum, Howie McCann & Justin Wyatt got a podium finish in the all-male category….and placing 3rd overall….cemented their team dynamics for the up-coming Geoquest Adventure Race in 4 weeks time….

The boys at the finish
In the ‘Raw’ course, designed for those who wanted less distance, 3 teams of Tri Adventure girls (Hayley & Jodie, George & Mel, Marie & Tracey) took up the challenge…and they all finished happy and excited to have achieved their goals!

See video made by James Pitman of Photoevents.....