Sunday, February 14, 2010

January Update

The first month of the year always seems to go by so quickly! We have been surviving the heat and the rain over the last few weeks and getting up to plenty of adventure…..

AUNTY JAN IN PRINT…After surviving the Kona 24hr Solo Mtb last year and backing it up with a stint in Anaconda Lorne, Aunty Jan was asked to write a report for a national magazine…. It was great the folks at Triathlon & Multisport were keen to have the perspective of an ‘older’ competitor for this story….If you didn’t happen to read it in hard copy – here is the article…

THE AUNTIES EXPLORE…Ever in search of new & beautiful places for you to enjoy, we have spent a bit of time lately exploring some of the Point Glorious area in the Yandina hinterland…. Here’s what happened on one of these days….The weekend saw the Aunties continue their exploration of the Pt Glorious area…..we mapped many tracks and un-mapped some that don’t exist anymore….found a lot of trails where some of last year’s Hells Bells competitors would have added some unwanted extra time to their race….and found a ‘hike-a-bike’ worthy of a Geoquest event….This track was a deceiving extension of a great little single track which led to a tropical creek paradise …oh so beautiful… but, unfortunately the only way out was up…and up…and up….and then up so steeply I was having flash-backs to the Mt Yarrahapinni climb in Geo 2006..(don’t get any idea’s Craig & Louise!) By the time we emerged from the forest I had run out of water, was hot, flustered and felt like I had run a marathon in my bike shoes….know the feeling?….so why do we do this (for fun) you may ask?….I’m not sure sometimes…there must be some weird feeling of achievement in there somewhere…oh and yes, we now have a rather accurate map to add to our collection, for future activities….maybe in cooler weather! So look forward to something in this area soon….

Our awesome junior squad are consolidating their skills in the lead up to their state championships on 19th & 20th February at Redcliffe. The group has been training under the watchful eye of Coach Kim and have been attending 4 sessions per week since qualifying for the event last November. These juniors have displayed exemplary talents in lead-up events recently with podium places and stand-out performer Brigitte Fischer winning the Caloundra Triathlon in the Open category on February 7th …. Those competing include Hugh Foster, Melanie Parker, Laura Eden, Tim Gaynor, Maddie & Tom Borne-Crockett, Rachel Hodder and Brigitte Fischer…..We are so proud of them and they great efforts put in over the last few months…and wish them all the best in their various events….The Sunshine Coast region has a very strong team in this State Championships and they will be hoping to repeat their result from last year when they were the overall winners….
Noosa Tri Club Junior training is carried out from September through to April and for further info contact Kim at

Brigitte in action
Brigitte in action

BRIBIE MULTISPORT TRANINING WEEKEND…For anyone wishing to hone their multisport skills – and have a fun, relaxing (of sorts) weekend in Noosa –Tri Adventure are planning a 2-day training weekend focussing on the skills and endurance relevant to the Bribie Multisport event. Day 1 will comprise of taking apart the event with specific training in each discipline…Day 2 will involve putting it all together – and a social event (important balance) will be in there somewhere as well. This will be a great chance to spend a weekend with like-minded people, get in some great training and set where you’re at 5 weeks out from the actual event….Click here for all the details

WHATS COMING UP….?The Kathmandu Adventure race on 20th March is a great entry-level event for anyone wishing to have a go at Adventure Racing. We will be supporting the event ourselves and urge anyone else who is keen, to give it a go too… see the website for all the details…

We have a block of events in April/May this year starting with the Bribie Multisport, the inaugural Anaconda NZ, then Anaconda Forster (2-day)..and then if we can get on our bikes…the 5-day Red Centre Mtb Enduro….

Aunty Jan has qualified for the 24hr Solo World Mtb Championships to be held this October…so hopefully all these events will be ‘money in the bank’ for the big one…..or it could go the other way…..Let’s hope not!

Anyway…. so much to do and so little time….
Don’t wait too long for your next adventure, ok!

:) Jan & Kim