Thursday, June 28, 2012

Latest News - June

June began with a trip across the Tasman to a fun and exciting race in Rotorua...the 3d Multisport. Aunty Kim was invited to compete, so we both decided to tackle it, again....after all, it was the Australasian Multisport Championships.... Like last year at this event....we had a fantastic time.... Catching up with kiwi friends...Em (from Em's Power Cookies), Rich & Elina Ussher (who's boats we were paddling in the event...the fabulous Flow Kayaks) and reuniting with some Aussie friends too...Sam & John from Rapid Ascent....Deanna & Shazza, Peri & Chris, Lukey....It was a very social few days!!  The race was brilliant....and we all did really well....Except Lukey, who crashed out of contention the day before the race....and did some serious damage to himself.....and subsequently put himself out of the Geoquest picture as well....but he will recover! 
The Aussie Girls on Top....

In the dry conditions this year, we Aunties both had much faster times....and Aunty Kim would have repeated her performance from last year (5th overall female) if she hadn't gone the wrong way on the run course...oh no! But she still managed to place 3rd in her all was good!  I successfully defended my title as Australasian Multisport Champion Woman over 50....hilarious....but this year at least I had more than one other old gal as competition..... JJ smashed out the fastest paddle leg (in one of Richards Flow Kayaks..) and won his age-group and came 6th male overall....Yes, he says he's not fit....but never believe that, we say..... The day after the race we went out and rode those trails for 5 hours....that's just what you do in Rotorua....if you've been there, you'll know...if you haven't....GO!!!

Next comes Geoquest....Sometimes we do these things back-to-back.... We make the long journey to Forster.... Aunty Kim raced the 'Full' Geo course....with her lovely team of boys, MD's (sans Lukey) but had young Leo join the team at the last minute.....and apparently, he was brilliant.  MD's placed 3rd overall.....and had a great time doing it.... The Vintage Cowgirls contested the 'Half' Geo course and were determined for a finish this were overjoyed when they plucked out a win from the younger female competitors.... We were a great team of happy Cowgirls....and had a very lovely support team of Gav, Mike & Millie (sound like some Olympic mascots, I know...) Here we are on the finish line, just before we popped the champagne and filled ourselves up with yummy pizza...
Happy Cowgirls

Now back home...we have had some great training sessions for the up-coming Noosa Anaconda.  We also tackled a local MTBO, then a Cyclegaine this weekend.  Also, our dream of creating Australia's first ever all-women's adventure race will come to fruition on July 7th....We are so excited about this event....and there is still time to enter if you are keen... Click here to enter now!

We'll have news of the event in our next installment....Until then,
See you out there!
Jan & Kim