Thursday, January 10, 2013

Latest News - January

Our beautiful playground

Welcome to 2013…..and it’s looking to be a great year for adventure racing!  With some new events and many existing 
ones coming to our area, we are back on deck for training sessions commencing Monday 7th January.

This year we are offering some great member benefits, some free social sessions, and also casual sessions for those of you just wish to join in from time to time.

Member benefits for 2013 include: (Membership is $50 per year)

·        Weekly email to keep you informed of up-coming events, regular training sessions, and recap of the previous week’s adventures
·        Discounts on our Tri Adventure Clinics
·        Tri Adventure weekend adventures now only $5
·        Free Tri Adventure Social sessions – at least one per week….
·        Discounts from our many supporters including Ay-Up Lights, Area 51, Venture Cycles, Skirtsports Australia, Ridgeline Adventures, Endura and Noosa Blue Resort.
·        ….and, of course, the opportunity to enjoy training in our beautiful environment with like-minded people….and glean our AR knowledge from over 10 years of participating in adventure racing and multisport events…. 

Ok then….what do we have in store for 2013????  Our focus for this year will be on getting fit and staying healthy in our beautiful environment…one which we are trying so hard to protect.  Yep, outside of those doors and in the wonderful fresh air.  Enjoying the scenery whilst walking up a mountain or paddling down a river looking at the beautiful sunset…..Running the ridgelines in the hinterland, or finding your way to somewhere by map and compass… Doing your resistance training by carrying your bike…..or lifting your boat….or wearing a pack.  Going out on the bike to do the shopping…..and challenging yourself to fitting it all in that back-pack for the trip home!  Climbing a tree to see the great view up there….or gaining balance skills walking over a log in the forest…. Not to forget the teamwork and strategy of helping each other do all of the above.  This sport we do is REAL adventure racing….we face some hardships, test ourselves, then often ‘find’ ourselves….and reap the rewards which include great physical endurance and strength, knowledge of nature, joy in our new-found values…. and peace.  We would love to have you along for the ride this year 

So….if you are interested in joining Tri Adventure please contact us through our website so we can send you a copy of the 2013 Tri Adventure Group Membership Registration Form.

See you out there!
Jan & Kim